Han Ga In Talks About Being Furious at Yeon Jung Hoon on Their Honeymoon

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 11, 2022

Han Ga In Talks About Being Furious at Yeon Jung Hoon on Their Honeymoon
Actress Han Ga In talked about being extremely angry at her husband actor Yeon Jung Hoon on their honeymoon. 

On March 10 episode of SBS' television show 'Circle House', Han Ga In revealed that she is a very competitive person. 

Han Ga In said, "I hate the word 'lose'. I hate losing so much. I'm really competitive. I'm actually more competitive with my husband than anyone else. I just can't let myself lose against him." 
Han Ga InThen, Han Ga In mentioned the time when they went to Cancún, Mexico for their honeymoon. 

Han Ga In said, "It was so hot in Cancún, so we just stayed in our accommodation one day. While we were just walking about, we happened to spot a table tennis table on the first floor of the place we were staying." 

The actress continued, "I wasn't good at playing table tennis, but I just wanted to play it for fun. I asked him if he wanted to play, and he said yes." 

She went on, "But my husband kept on hitting the ball far from me that I couldn't hit it. It kept on going out of the court, and I had to go pick it up every time. He laughed and laugh as he watched me fail and pick up the ball."  

She added, "I told him to stop laughing, but he carried on. I got so angry that I put the racket down, and went back to our room without saying anything more. Even though it was our honeymoon, I honestly couldn't put up with it anymore." 
Han Ga InFollowing that, Han Ga In also spoke about playing the Iron Fist game with Yeon Jung Hoon not long after they got married.

Han Ga In said, "My husband was good at the Iron Fist game. I wasn't though. While we were playing together, he kept on laughing. So, I practiced the game all night by myself. As soon as he woke up the next day, I was like, 'Let's play.' We played until I won. I'm that competitive." 
Han Ga InHan Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon married each other in May 2005, and they have two children―one girl and one boy―together.

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