Fans Are in Love with Song Ji-hyo's New Instagram Manager

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 11, 2022

Fans Are in Love with Song Ji-hyo's New Instagram Manager
Actress Song Ji-hyo has a new Instagram manager, and fans are loving the new person. 

Back in March 2016, Song Ji-hyo made her personal Instagram account. 

Since then, it was partly managed by Song Ji-hyo's management agency, especially the photos. 

But many fans were not very happy about her Instagram photos. 

It was because even though Song Ji-hyo is known for her remarkable beauty, she did not look so great in her photos on Instagram.

A lot of the photos on her Instagram made some of her gorgeous features on screen as well as real life disappear. 

It seemed like Song Ji-hyo herself had no good skills in photography, but neither did her Instagram manager so much. 
Song Ji-hyoFrom the end of last month though, a new style of photos started being uploaded on her Instagram. 

In these photos, she looked much more natural and beautiful. 

Fans assumed that her Instagram manager has changed to someone else who has better photography skills. 

They said that the new Instagram manager knew how to shoot photos to make Song Ji-hyo look pretty. 

They also stated that he/she took more trendy photos that are preferred by youngsters these days. 

A lot of fans are loving Song Ji-hyo's new Instagram manager, and thanking him/her for taking such amazing photos of their favorite actress. 
Song Ji-hyoSong Ji-hyo(Credit= 'my_songjihyo' Instagram) 

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