WINNER HOONY Is Trying to Get Rid of YOON from Their Dorm?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 14, 2022

WINNER HOONY Is Trying to Get Rid of YOON from Their Dorm?
HOONY of K-pop boy group WINNER revealed that he is trying to get rid of his fellow member YOON from their dorm. 

On March 13 episode of MBC's show 'Where Is My Home', YOON and another member of WINNER MINO made a guest appearance. 
WINNERDuring the talk, the members of 'Where Is My Home' mentioned the interior of WINNER's dorm that was revealed back in January when YOON guested on the show. 

YOON and HOONY's apartment unit was briefly shown at that time, and it was commented how their place looked old-fashioned.  

Their dorm was referred to as, "a typical grandpa's house" then. 

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WINNERRegarding this, HOONY said, "It's a place where our agency got us to live, so we didn't really try to make it look so nice." 

The WINNER member continued, "But YOON and I have been living together for a long time. It's been many years. These days, we are both like, 'When is he going to get his own place and leave this dorm?'" 

He laughingly resumed, "It's a very important matter for us. In order to get YOON to leave as soon as possible, I've recently been piling my stuff up in the living room." 
WINNERThen, comedian Park Young-jin playfully responded, "Just get some cockroaches and release them into his room.", making HOONY laugh.  

(Credit= MBC Where Is My Home) 

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