BTS J-HOPE Makes ARMY Tear Up with His Warm Words at the Last Seoul Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 14, 2022

BTS J-HOPE Makes ARMY Tear Up with His Warm Words at the Last Seoul Concert
J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS made ARMY (the name of BTS' fandom) tear up with his warm words at the last concert in Seoul. 

On March 10, and from March 12 to 13, BTS held their first in-person concert in Korea in 864 days since October 2019. 

Not all seats were filled because of the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, but around 15,000 ARMY came to enjoy 'BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL' on each day. 

Instead of screaming and chanting to their songs together though, they quietly clapped to the songs while shaking their ARMY BOMB (BTS' official lightstick) about with a mask on. 
BTSAt the group's last concert on March 13, J-HOPE shared the warmest words to ARMY towards the end of the concert. 

J-HOPE said, "I feel a sense of relief right now. For the last two and a half years, we've been trying to do as many activities as possible to connect with you, as we couldn't see you in person." 

The K-pop star continued, "Nothing really moved my heart deeply though. Sometimes, I even felt like I fell into a hole that I couldn't get out. I just kept thinking and thinking when I would be able to actually see ARMY." 

He went on, "This is our third concert today, and I feel relieved and secure as I breathe in and out. I know there are many empty seats, and you weren't able to have proper fun, not being able to scream and chant along."

He resumed, "But the fact that I got to see you with my own eyes for the past three days really moves my heart. Let me breathe this energy and temperature in, then out. I don't ever want to forget it. Thank you for coming to see us today." 
BTSFollowing the concert, J-HOPE took to BTS' official online fan community to share his feelings again. 

J-HOPE said, "We've wrapped up our 3-day concert in Seoul. My mind is at ease now. I hope we'll be able to dance, sing and scream together soon. You'll be there when that day arrives, right?" 

He carried on, "I had some beer today. Please don't stop me! Thank you for coming to our concert, ARMY. I love you. Good night!" 
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