Park Hyung Sik Chooses Between Love & Friendship

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 15, 2022

Park Hyung Sik Chooses Between Love & Friendship
Actor Park Hyung Sik shared that he would choose love over friendship. 

Recently, Park Hyung Sik sat down for an interview with the press to talk about his upcoming Disney Plus series 'Soundtrack #1' with actress Han So-hee. 

When asked why he chose to join 'Soundtrack #1', Park Hyung Sik answered, "'Soundtrack #1 is about a pair of longtime friends and music lovers, who end up threading the line between love and friendship in the process of making music." 

He continued, "You'll be able to deeply feel what the feeling of love is, and how it can blend with music. I genuinely loved the story of the series. I had so much fun reading the script." 

He went on, "I also really wanted to work with director Kim Hee-won and Han So-hee. The fact that it was going to be revealed through Disney Plus appealed to me as well."
Park Hyung SikAfter that, Park Hyung Sik mentioned the shooting for the series being very enjoyable. 

The actor said, "I had a lot of fun while shooting 'Soundtrack #1'. You can definitely look forward to seeing the great chemistry between Kim Hee-won, Han So-hee and I. I can't wait until it's premiered."

He resumed, "My character 'Han Seon-woo' is a honest guy. I thought hard on how to portray his sincere feelings for 'Seo Eun-soo' (Han So-hee). I tried to hold those feelings deep inside me in every scene."

Then, one reporter asked, "What would you do in real life if you had to choose between love and friendship like 'Han Seon-woo'?" 

Without hesitation, Park Hyung Sik smiled and answered, "I would choose love." 
Park Hyung SikPark Hyung Sik'Soundtrack #1' is scheduled to be relesed on March 23. 

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