LeeTeuk Talks About the Fight with HeeChul that Almost Got Super Junior Disbanded

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 16, 2022

LeeTeuk Talks About the Fight with HeeChul that Almost Got Super Junior Disbanded
LeeTeuk of K-pop boy group Super Junior shared that one previous fight with his fellow member HeeChul almost got the group disbanded. 

On March 15 episode of SBS' television show 'Four Men', the members of Super Junior made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, DongHae said, "LeeTeuk and HeeChul are the same age, but they had a totally different personality. LeeTeuk always thought from the point of view of the group's leader, but HeeChul took his personal life very important." 

He continued, "As we lived in a dorm together, they got more and more tired of each other. One day, LeeTeuk just let his stress and anger out. He kept it inside him for like 10 years. He couldn't take it anymore." 

He resumed, "It was the day when we were in Incheon for our performance. LeeTeuk suddenly shouted, 'It's been 10 years!' to HeeChul, and dragged him outside. They got in a huge argument that Super Junior almost got disbanded at that time." 
Super JuniorLeeTeuk laughed and commented, "Ah yes, I pushed HeeChul and said, 'It's been 10 years!' But HeeChul was like, 'What's been 10 years?' He had no idea why I was like that to him. The rest of the members tried to stop me." 

ShinDong added, "We all thought they may end up punching each other, but they just moved about the surrounding area. Thankfully, they didn't hit each other or anything." 

Lee Teuk said, "While we were having an argument though, our staff told us that we had to perform. We paused our argument and went up the stage right away, but didn't even look at each other during the performance." 

Then, EunHyuk stated, "There was this part where LeeTeuk and HeeChul had to sing while leaning against each other. But on that day, they distant themselves without going close to each other. It's so funny to think about it now. LeeTeuk looked furious as well." 
Super JuniorSuper JuniorThey did not mention how they made up with each other after that day, but the fact that the members of Super Junior could laugh about it now showed that the two had successfully made up with one another afterwards. 

(Credit= SBS Four Men, 'kimheenim' Instagram) 

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