VIDEO: Park Min Young Shares How Song Kang Reminded Her of 'No-Face' from 'Spirited Away'

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 16, 2022

VIDEO: Park Min Young Shares How Song Kang Reminded Her of 'No-Face' from 'Spirited Away'
Actress Park Min Young revealed that actor Song Kang reminded her of 'No-Face' from Japanese animated fantasy 'Spirited Away'. 

On March 12, Netflix uploaded a video of the cast of their series 'Forecasting Love and Weather'―Park Min Young, Song Kang, actor Yoon Bak and Yura of K-pop girl group Girl's Day. 
Park Min YoungAt one point during their talk, Song Kang put on a headphone with loud music while Park Min Young, Yoon Bak and Yura spoke about his first impression. 

Yoon Bak said, "Oh, Song Kang was really dark, like really really dark when I first saw him. He looked very tired as well." 

Park Min Young commented, "Yeah, he reminded me of 'No-Face'! He was totally 'No-Face'! He was gloomy from head to toe." 

She continued, "Yura, do you remember worrying together? We worried, because his character 'Lee Si-woo' is a cheerful person, but Song Kang was not at all." 
Park Min YoungYura nodded and commented, "Yeah, I do. But he is so different to his first impression, isn't he?" 

Yoon Bak responded, "For sure. He is completely different now." 

Park Min Young said, "Nowadays, he is always laughing by himself. Nothing is funny, but he keeps laughing." 

As Song Kang was listening to music, he did not know what they were saying about him. 

He just smiled and smiled without knowing that they dissed him about the time when they first met each other. 

(Credit= 'Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아' YouTube) 

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