MAMAMOO Solar Thinks Moon Byul Takes Her as Her Rival?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 16, 2022

MAMAMOO Solar Thinks Moon Byul Takes Her as Her Rival?
Solar of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO shared that she thinks her fellow member Moon Byul takes her as her rival after listening to her rap. 

On March 15, Solar's press interview was released online. 
SolarDuring this interview, Solar talked about her new solo album 'FACE' that has just been released.  

Solar said, "The members of MAMAMOO have been very supportive of me. They were especially surprised when they listened to my latest tracks." 

She continued, "I rapped in this album, and they were really shocked about that. They were like, 'Wow, you rap as well?'" 

She laughed and went on, "When our rapper Moon Byul listened to my rap, I felt like she started to take me as her rival." 
SolarThen, Solar shared what kind of words they said to her to give her support. 

Solar stated, "These days, we speak about our well-being a lot. They told me to stay healthy during my promotions, and take good care of myself." 

The MAMAMOO member resumed, "They made their solo debut before I did, so they know what it's like to promote alone. They know what's good and bad really well, so they didn't bother to mention each one to me." 

She added, "They were pretty much just like, 'You know how it works as well, right? Just do your best, okay?'" 

At the end of her interview, she wished for the happiness of herself as well as her fellow members, who she says she feels closer to than anyone else. 
Solar(Credit= 'RBW.MAMAMOO' Facebook, 'mamamoo_official' Instagram) 

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