Lee Min-jung Shares How Kind & Soft-hearted Lee Byung Hun Is

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 17, 2022

Lee Min-jung Shares How Kind & Soft-hearted Lee Byung Hun Is
Actress Lee Min-jung revealed that her husband actor Lee Byung Hun is kind and soft-hearted. 

On March 16 episode of tvN's television show 'You Quiz on the Block', Lee Min-jung joined the talk. 
Lee Min-jungDuring the talk, Lee Min-jung mentioned how lucky she feels to have Lee Byung Hun beside her to give her useful advice about work. 

Lee Min-jung said, "In early debut days, I used to think that I had to act exactly the way it was written on the script. But my husband let me know that I didn't always have to do what it said. He told me if I came up with better ideas, then I should try to make alterations or improvise. It's more natural that way, he said."

She continued, "The people who would understand your work the most are those who do the same work, and I'm happy that both my husband and I act. He understands me the most, and gives me great advice." 
Lee Min-jungThen, Lee Min-jung was asked about her married life with Lee Byung Hun. 

Lee Min-jung laughingly responded, "As we live together, I sometimes see the ordinary and 'unremarkable' side of him, but I do see the awesome sides of him at home too."

She resumed, "When I get angry, I'm the type of person who just lets it out right on that spot. But my husband isn't like me. He keeps his temper, and swallows all my angry words and actions." 

She went on, "So, I'm back to my happy mood once I let my anger out, but he isn't. He's really kind and soft-hearted. I get furious at him in front of my parents as well that they always tell me to manage my anger, and keep my temper in check." 
Lee Min-jungLee Min-jung and Lee Byung Hun got married in August 2013; they have a son who was born in March 2015.

(Credit= SBS Entertainment News, tvN You Quiz on the Block) 

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