2NE1 Members' Recent Reunion Excites Fans

Mar 17, 2022

2NE1 Members' Recent Reunion Excites Fans
All four members of disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1 reunited for the first time in a while.

On March 15, 2NE1's Park Bom shared a short video on her personal Instagram with a caption, '2NE1'.

In the video, Park Bom starts off by showing herself and turns the camera towards the rest of 2NE1 members; CL, MINZY, and DARA.
2NE1The four members of 2NE1 are spending a quality time together by having a dinner in a restaurant's private room.

The members also greeted the fans by saying "Hello" towards the camera.

Then CL said, "Are we just going to say hello? Congratulations on your new song release. I highly recommend this song."

Park Bom asked, "What's the name of my song?", and DARA raised her hand and said, "It's 'Flower'! Give me a prize."
2NE1It seems like the members decided to gather together to celebrate the release of Park Bom's new single 'Flower'.

To this, fans commented, "My queens! I miss them so much.", "Please make a comeback as a group, girls.", "It's so good to see them showing support to each other. Can't wait for their new song.", and more.

(Credit= 'newharoobompark' Instagram, YG Entertainment)

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