"We Recorded It in 2020!" IU Thought Jay Park Did Not Like Her Singing in 'GANADARA'?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 17, 2022

"We Recorded It in 2020!" IU Thought Jay Park Did Not Like Her Singing in 'GANADARA'?
K-pop artist IU shared that she believed hip-hop artist Jay Park did not like her singing in their song 'GANADARA'. 

On March 16, IU uploaded a new video of her show 'Palette' that featured Jay Park. 
IUDuring their conversation, they mentioned their song 'GANADARA', which was released on March 11. 

Jay Park said, "Thank you so much for featuring in my song, IU. You said you wanted to collaborate with me in the past, and when you said that, I started working on 'GANADARA'." 

He continued, "After I made 'GANADARA', I asked everybody around if it was good enough that IU would want to feature in it. I sent the song to you following multiple approvals. I was so happy when you said yes."

IU responded, "But we worked in this song together like two years ago. I recorded it in 2020. What took you so long to release it?" 

She laughed and added, "For the last two years, I thought to myself, 'Oh, maybe he didn't like the way I sang the song that he decided not to release it.'" 
IUTo this, Jay Park commented, "Yes, we did finish recording and all in 2020. I even made some mixes as well. But I just didn't think it was the right time to release it." 

The hip-hop artist resumed, "I wanted to release it when I could afford to spend all my time and effort into it. Since I've recently established a new management agency, I thought the song would make a good start." 

He added, "Besides, the song doesn't sound old or anything even though it's been two years since I made it, doesn't it?" 

Then, IU said, "Yeah, I think you've made a good choice after all, because it's all very good timing. The weather is really nice these days too, and 'GANADARA' goes so well with it. It's a perfect song to listen to in the beginning of spring." 
IUJay Park stated, "Ah, also, a lot of people around the world are interested in Korean culture nowadays. I thought Korean culture fans could learn Korean with 'GANADARA' too." 

IU asked, "Is that why you made the title in English in the sounds of the first four letters of the Korean alphabet?", which Jay Park nodded to. 

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