BTS V Impresses Fans with His New Hobby: Golf

Mar 17, 2022

BTS V Impresses Fans with His New Hobby: Golf
It seems like V of K-pop boy group BTS just added golf to his hobby.

On March 17, V took to BTS' official Twitter to share a new video of himself.

In the video, V is seen practicing his driver swings at an indoor golf studio.
VAlong with the video, V wrote, "A video of a golfbie (golf + newbie).", indicating that he is new to golf.

While his impressive skills say otherwise, fans revealed that there is a specific reason why V has decided to play golf. 
VAccording to fans, V previously took to BTS' Weverse and revealed that he decided to learn how to play golf because of his father.

V wrote, "My dad said his biggest wish is to go golfing with his son, so I've been learning for the past three weeks or so. I haven't even made my field debut yet."
VV has many other hobbies other than golf, including saxophone and judo.
(Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter, BIG HIT MUSIC)

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