Han Ye Seul Shares Whether She Plans to Marry Her 10-year Younger Boyfriend Soon

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 17, 2022

Han Ye Seul Shares Whether She Plans to Marry Her 10-year Younger Boyfriend Soon
Actress Han Ye Seul shared whether she has any plan on marrying her boyfriend former stage actor Ryu Sung-jae soon. 

In the afternoon of March 17, Han Ye Seul went live on Instagram. 
Han Ye SeulDuring the live broadcast, Han Ye Seul talked about her happiness. 

Han Ye Seul said, "As I aged quite a bit now, there is nothing really that makes me too happy. I think it's more like that little things that make me happy." 

She continued, "I enjoy eating fast food while watching Netflix with my boyfriend, going for a walk on a nice day. Things like this in my daily life are the joy of my life these days." 

She went on, "I felt huge happiness and incredibly amazed when I went to a club for the first time, when I went on a trip for the first time, when I stayed at a hotel for the first time and when I bought a house and car for the first time. But I don't get the same feelings anymore. They're no longer there." 
Han Ye SeulThen, Han Ye Seul shared her thoughts on marriage. 

The actress said, "I'm not sure if marriage is a must in life, but I don't see any reasons why I shouldn't get married either." 

She resumed, "But I'm really happy with the way everything is at the moment. So, I don't know if marriage is something necessary right now." 

She added, "You never know though, I might get married soon. If I get the feeling that I want to get married, I will." 

Han Ye Seul made her relationship with Ryu Sung-jae public last May. 

She was born in 1981 and he was born in 1991, making them 10 years apart. 

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