Park Seo Ham Shares How Surprised He Was About JIN's Good Looks When He First Saw Him

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 18, 2022

Park Seo Ham Shares How Surprised He Was About JIN's Good Looks When He First Saw Him
Actor Park Seo Ham shared that he was very surprised about JIN of K-pop boy group BTS' appearance when he first saw him. 

Lately, Park Seo Ham made headlines multiples times after his recently-released series 'Semantic Error' started gaining a lot of attention. 

In the BL (Boys Love) series 'Semantic Error', he took a lead role of the character 'Jang Jae-young', who is a popular student at a university, studying Visual Design. 

Following the success of 'Semantic Error', more and more K-pop as well as K-drama fans tried to get to know him better. 

While doing so, one of Park Seo Ham's past interviews caught their eye. 
JINIn this interview, Park Seo Ham was asked which male star shocked him the most with their great looks. 

Park Seo Ham answered, "When I became a trainee, JIN was the first other trainee I saw at our agency. As soon as I saw him, my jaw just dropped to the floor." 

He continued, "Compared to him, I was super ugly. I felt really ugly next to him. He was the greatest looking trainee at our agency, and all the other trainees said the same thing about him. 

He went on, "JIN is unbelievably handsome. Every time I see him, I always think to myself, 'How can anyone even look like that?'" 
Park Seo HamThen, Park Seo Ham talked about his trainee days with JIN. 

Park Seo Ham said, "I still remember him asking me if I wanted to have some cold noodles with him on the first day we met. Thanks to him, I adjusted to the new life quickly. I still thank him for that." 

He resumed, "After JIN made debut, he became very busy. Despite that, he still talks to me like the old days. Most of the time, he's joking about with me, but he does give me useful advice and tells me good things too. He's an amazing hyung. I respect him a lot." 
JINBefore his acting debut, Park Seo Ham actually made debut as a member of K-pop boy group KNK in 2016; he left the group last year. 

He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment as well as BTS' agency Big Hit Music before his debut as KNK, where he trained with the members of BTS. 

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