"She Looks the Same!" NMIXX SULLYOON's Baby Photos Shock Many

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 18, 2022

"She Looks the Same!" NMIXX SULLYOON's Baby Photos Shock Many
SULLYOON of K-pop girl group NMIXX wowed everybody with her baby photos. 

Previously in February, one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea JYP Entertainment launched their new girl group NMIXX with a single 'AD MARE'. 

After the group's debut, they quickly became the talk of the town among K-pop fans; they had everything from great appearance to catchy song to stand out in the industry.  

All seven members were beautiful in their own ways, but SULLYOON was the closest out of them to the Korean beauty standard nowadays. 

Currently, she is considered the 'visual' of the group by fans, and also unofficially stated by JYP Entertainment. 
SULLYOONBorn in 2004, SULLYOON has just turned 18, and she has always looked pretty ever since she was born. 

Recently, some photos of SULLYOON when she was a baby were posted online. 

It seemed like they were taken not long after she was born. 

These photos surprised everyone, because she looked so pretty, looking almost the same as how she looks now. 
SULLYOONMost people tend to change as they grow up, some even look completely different to their past when they become adults.

However, that clearly did not apply to SULLYOON; her facial features remained exactly the same. 

It looked as if SULLYOON did not change a single bit throughout her life, and her beauty from birth is mesmerizing many K-pop fans at the moment. 
SULLYOON(Credit= 'NMIXX' YouTube, Online Community) 

(SBS Star)