Zo In Sung Asks a Student If She Could Like Him; She Says, "Sorry, I Like Super Junior"

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 21, 2022

Zo In Sung Asks a Student If She Could Like Him; She Says, "Sorry, I Like Super Junior"
Actor Zo In Sung awkwardly laughed after getting rejected by a student who came to his temporary workplace. 

On March 17 episode of tvN's television show 'Unexpected Business 2', Zo In Sung was seen serving at his mini restaurant where he temporarily works with other actors. 

While serving, he spoke to the customers at one table where a middle school student was having a meal with her father and uncle. 
Zo In SungZo In Sung asked the student, "Are you a student? How old are you?" 

The student responded, "Yes, I'm a student, and 16 years old. I came to see my uncle with my father here." 

She continued, "But I'm really sad that my mom didn't come with us, because she's a huge fan of yours." 

Zo In Sung smiled and commented, "Oh, really? But you know what's weird? People always tell me that their family members or friends are my fans. None of them are my fans themselves." 

He blinked and gave the student a cute look with big eyes, then asked, "Could you like me?" 
Zo In SungBut the student went silent, and said after a few seconds, "I'm sorry. I already have some stars that I like. I like Super Junior." 

Zo In Sung awkwardly smiled and said, "Oh, Super Junior! So, you don't like anyone here then?" 

The student laughed and answered with a quiet voice, "Yes...", which Zo In Sung bitterly responded, "Alright then." 

As Zo In Sung walked away, the student's father was heard saying to her, "Weren't you being too honest?!" 
Zo In Sung(Credit= tvN Unexpected Business 2) 

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