Lee Michelle Shares Lee Hyo-ri's Warm Words Helped Her Get Through a Hard Time

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 21, 2022

Lee Michelle Shares Lee Hyo-ri's Warm Words Helped Her Get Through a Hard Time
Singer Lee Michelle revealed that K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri helped her get through a difficult time. 

On March 20 episode of MBC's music show 'King of Mask Singer', Lee Michelle made a guest appearance. 
Lee MichelleDuring the talk, Lee Michelle shared that she used to question herself about being a singer. 

Lee Michelle said, "At that time, I kept asking myself a question, 'Is this the right path for me? Am I just pushing myself to be a singer even though I'm not talented?'" 

She continued, "I had to make a decision for my career, and it was probably the biggest decision of my life. I struggled a lot." 

She went on, "As I was struggling, I received a phone call from Lee Hyo-ri. She said she called me because she missed me and asked how I was doing. She asked me if there was anything going on in my life." 
Lee MichelleThen, Lee Michelle told her that she thought she had no talent in music and that was her big concern. 

Lee Michelle said, "Lee Hyo-ri was like, 'If you aren't talented in music, then who is? If you keep going, you'll be able to reach somewhere one day. Just keep doing it.'" 

She resumed, "Thanks to those warm words, I was able to come this far. She helped me to keep going with what I was doing. I was really heartened by what she said."  

After that, Lee Michelle sent a video message to Lee Hyo-ri saying, "Thank you, unnie! I love you lots, and please know that I have great respect for you. I'll call you when I go to Jeju Island!" 
Lee Michelle(Credit= MBC King of Mask Singer, Instagram) 

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