Nam Joo Hyuk Shares He Has Asked Many Girls Out When He Was Little

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 22, 2022

Nam Joo Hyuk Shares He Has Asked Many Girls Out When He Was Little
Actor Nam Joo Hyuk revealed that he has asked many girls out when he was in kindergarten and elementary school. 

On March 21, fashion magazine Esquire Korea unveiled cover photos of Nam Joo Hyuk for their April issue. 

Along with the cover photos, the magazine also released an interview of the actor where he talked about his current drama 'Twenty Five Twenty One'. 
Nam Joo HyukDuring the interview, the interviewer mentioned a recently-aired popular scene where Nam Joo Hyuk's character (Yi-jin) shared his feelings to actress Kim Tae Ri's character (Hee-do). 

Nam Joo Hyuk laughed and commented, "Do you mean where I said, 'I need to have you'?" 

The interviewer responded, "Yes, that was one impressive scene. Have you ever asked a girl out like that? Any memorable times?" 
Nam Joo HyukNam Joo Hyuk answered, "Well, I think they all just went past with the flow. I've always shared my feelings to another when I had feelings for them. There were times when some girls told me that they liked me as well." 

He laughingly continued, "I've always let my feelings know to the person I fancied, even when I was in kindergarten and elementary school. In kindergarten, I think I asked them out like all the time." 

He went on, "If I like someone again, I would let ask them out again. You need to tell them if you like them, you know. It's important that you try it, because you can only earn something that way." 
Nam Joo HyukThen, Nam Joo Hyuk said "those tries" got him where he is now. 

The actor stated, "What I meant by 'those tries' here is not about love. I meant that I wouldn't be here if I didn't try acting. You need to keep trying to get what you want, in terms of love, work and everything else." 

(Credit= Esquire Korea, 'skawngur' Instagram) 

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