VIDEO: Park Seo Jun Turns Into the Sweetest Uncle of His Manager's Son

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 22, 2022

VIDEO: Park Seo Jun Turns Into the Sweetest Uncle of His Manager's Son
Actor Park Seo Jun showed the sweetest love for his manager's son. 

On March 21, Park Seo Jun updated his YouTube with a new video. 

In this video, Park Seo Jun was seen taking part in a photo shoot. 

During the break, Park Seo Jun went to see a special visitor who came to his work―his manager's baby boy. 

Park Seo Jun walked over towards the baby, and stared at him with a big smile on his face. 

He poked the both sides of his cheeks, and the baby smiled and showed some happy moves. 

As Park Seo Jun's manager saw this, he commented, "My son didn't smile to anybody else when they touched him like that.", making Park Seo Jun burst out laughing. 
Park Seo JunPark Seo JunThen, Park Seo Jun held the baby in his arms and said, "Hello, Dong-wook (the baby's name)." 

The baby leaned against his shoulders as if he felt comfortable in his arms, and the actor smiled in great happiness. 

Park Seo Jun took the baby to his waiting room where other staff members were, and asked them if they could take a photo of him with the baby. 

Right at that moment, the baby suddenly started to cry; it seemed like too many people in the room surprised him.  

Park Seo Jun's manager came and took the baby to another room, while Park Seo Jun apologized to him. 

Under this video, a lot of Park Seo Jun's fans left comments saying how Park Seo Jun will become an amazing father one day. 

(Credit= '박서준 Record PARK's' YouTube) 

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