VIDEO: TWICE NAYEON & TZUYU Share They Never Fought for the Last 7 Years

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 23, 2022

VIDEO: TWICE NAYEON & TZUYU Share They Never Fought for the Last 7 Years
NAYEON and TZUYU of K-pop girl group TWICE shared that they never fought for the last seven years since they became part of the same group. 

On March 22, a new video was uploaded on TWICE's YouTube. 

This video showed NAYEON and TZUYU on a lunch date at a restaurant with outdoor seating. 

NAYEON and TZUYU sat together at a table outside in the shade, a little away from the sun.
TWICEWhile they had food and wine, they looked back on the past. 

NAYEON said, "During our early debut days, we used to spend much more time with each other, didn't we? We lived together, and got in some arguments." 

She continued, "The weird thing is though, I've never fought with you, ever! But yeah, our early debut days got all of us closer to one another." 

TZUYU nodded and commented, "I feel like if we weren't in the same group, I'm not sure if we would become this close. When I was a trainee, you were already about to make debut. So, I've never imagined that we would become close at all." 

NAYEON stated, "Maybe it's something that you don't feel, but I feel like I've become closer to you nowadays. These days, we have more serious conversations, and I feel closer to you than our early debut days." 
TWICEThen, NAYEON talked about the first time when she saw TZUYU. 

The K-pop star said, "When I saw you for the first time, your hair was short. But I started taking an interest in you since we performed together in 'SIXTEEN'. Didn't we perform 'Hush' together?" 

TZUYU smiled and responded, "We did. For me, you left a great impression on me on the day of my first montly evaluation as a trainee. You were so awesome on that day. You were so pretty too." 

Even after this, NAYEON and TZUYU continued to speak about their past as they enjoyed their meal. 

(Credit= 'TWICE' YouTube) 

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