Park Seo Ham Is Too Tall that He Shortened Himself in His Official Profile?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 23, 2022

Park Seo Ham Is Too Tall that He Shortened Himself in His Official Profile?
Actor Park Seo Ham is too tall that he made himself shorter in his official profile. 

Recently, a lot of K-drama as well as K-pop fans around the world have been talking about Park Seo Ham. 

He began gaining attention after starring in the drama 'Semantic Error' that was unveiled last month. 

He was not an actor to begin with; he initially made debut as a member of K-pop boy group KNK in 2016. 
Park Seo HamAt that time, his height was officially stated to be 189 cm (6.2 ft). 

Since he looked much taller than 189 cm, many asked whether he truly was 189 cm. 

Then in 2020, he revealed his real height―193 cm (6.3 ft). 

However, he explained that he was not 193 cm in his early debut days like some believed; he said he got taller following posture correction. 
Park Seo HamAfter Park Seo Ham left KNK in September 2021 and completely turned to acting though, he went back to stating that he is 189 cm. 

He is officially 189 cm; that is what it says on his management agency's online profile. 

Previously when he revealed his real height, he shared thoughts on how people perceive others who are 189 cm and over 190 cm. 

Park Seo Ham said, "I think there is a huge difference of how a lot of people take 189 cm and over 190 cm for some reason. They take it so differently." 

It is assumed that he thought sticking back to 189 cm would be better for his image in the industry as well as the public that he decided to go with 189 cm again. 
Park Seo HamPark Seo Ham(Credit= Online Community, 'parkseoham' Instagram) 

(SBS Star)