Fans Think Dating Rumors Would Have Sparked If Suzy & ROSE Were Male/Female

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 24, 2022

Fans Think Dating Rumors Would Have Sparked If Suzy & ROSE Were Male/Female
Many fans discover(?) that stars are dating by browsing through their social media posts. 

A lot of the times, they are able to find clues of two stars in a relationship through their 'lovestagram' posts, which are posts that contain little hints of the two stars' love for one another. 

In these 'lovestagram' posts, they are usually seen in the same location at similar times, wearing the same/similar outfits or leaving comments/emojis that only the two can recognize. 
Suzy and ROSESuzy and ROSESurprisingly though, K-pop artist Suzy and ROSÉ of girl group BLACKPINK have been found unintentionally posting 'lovestagram' posts. 

Suzy and ROSÉ were seen posting photos at the same place around the same time multiple times, just like most 'lovestagram' couples who are secretly dating each other. 

In their photos on the plane to Paris, France, they were making the same facial expression with such similar captions as well; these were also uploaded when they went to Paris around the same time. 

Not only that, but Suzy uploaded a photo of herself drinking a bottle of wine that said, 'ROSE' on it, too. 

There was also a time when Suzy stuttered saying 'rosé' while making rosé pasta on one television show. 
Suzy and ROSESuzy and ROSEAll these are assumed to be coincidence, since they are not even friends with each other, but a great number of people are finding the coincidence interesting. 

Nobody is certainly questioning their relationship, but they believe that many would suspect that they would be dating each other if they were the opposite sex. 

After seeing this, more people are also concluding how 'lovestagram' posts are not always hints that the two stars are dating. 
Suzy and ROSESuzy and ROSE(Credit= 'skuukzky' 'roses_are_rosie' Instagram, Dingo) 

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