Lee Eun Saem Shares How 2PM JUNHO Funnily Responded to Her 'All of Us Are Dead' Character

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 24, 2022

Lee Eun Saem Shares How 2PM JUNHO Funnily Responded to Her 'All of Us Are Dead' Character
Actress Lee Eun Saem revealed how hilariously JUNHO of K-pop boy group 2PM reacted to her character in 'All of Us Are Dead'. 

On March 23 episode of MBC's television show 'Radio Star', Lee Eun Saem made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, Lee Eun Saem talked about getting much attention following her appearance in Netflix's series 'All of Us Are Dead'. 

'All of Us Are Dead' is about a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak, and trapped students trying to fight their way out. 

In the series, Lee Eun Saem played the role of 'Park Mi-jin', who popped out swear words throughout the series.
Lee Eun SaemLee Eun Saem said, "While we were shooting our series, the cast members and I discussed how many followers we may gain after the premiere." 

The actress continued, "We expected to gain quite a bit, since our series was released right after the global success of 'Squid Game'. But we never expected to go this big." 

She went on, "I filmed 'The Red Sleeve' before 'All of Us Are Dead'. At that time, I only had 8,000 followers on Instagram. For about four days since 'All of Us Are Dead' was released, I didn't see the number of Instagram followers go up much. So, I thought to myself, 'Ah, we failed.'" 

She added, "About five days after the premiere though, I would wake up to thousands of more followers every day. I have 1,100,000 followers on Instagram now." 
Lee Eun SaemThen, Lee Eun Saem mentioned the response of JUNHO and actress Lee Se Young to her character in 'All of Us Are Dead'. 

She worked with JUNHO and Lee Se Young in 'The Red Sleeve', where she acted the kindest lady-in-waiting. 

Lee Eun Saem laughingly stated, "When JUNHO watched 'All of Us Are Dead', he texted me saying, 'You were a total bully, weren't you? I started to think and actually believe that Mi-jin is you in real life.'" 

She resumed, "Regarding my character, Lee Se Young was like, 'I love your character! It's so satisfying to watch her!'" 
Lee Eun Saem(Credit= 'le2jh' 'netflixkr' Instagram) 

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