"What?! But He Was 2PM..." Young K-pop Fans Think Jay Park Covered '10 out of 10'?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 24, 2022

"What?! But He Was 2PM..." Young K-pop Fans Think Jay Park Covered '10 out of 10'?
It seems like a great number of young and new K-pop fans are unaware that Hip-hop artist Jay Park made great history in the K-pop industry as part of boy group 2PM in the past.

For many years that Jay Park has been in the hip-hop scene, he managed to establish himself as one of the top hip-hop artists in the country and founded his own labels. 

Recently, Jay Park even released his own soju (the national liquor of Korea) brand. 
Jay ParkSince he has been doing so well as a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur for a long time, it became kind of hard for some to imagine him in the K-pop world.

But Jay Park actually made debut as the leader of 2PM in September 2008 with the sensational song '10 out of 10'. 

He was the main dancer and vocal of 2PM, but also rapped in some parts of the group's songs. 

At that time, he showed some great acrobatic moves with the dance as well. 

All songs that were released when he was 2PM made a great hit, which include '10 out of 10', 'Only You', 'Again & Again', 'I Hate You' and more. 
Jay ParkJay Park exited 2PM only a year after his debut in September 2009, and returned to his hometown Seattle, the United States. 

When he left, 2PM's management agency JYP Entertainment did not give much details to why they decided to suddenly part ways with each other. 

Because Jay Park was not part of 2PM for long, and his current public image as a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur is so strong that some young and new K-pop fans seem to have no idea that he was 2PM's leader before. 

A lot of them continuously upload posts on social media saying how greatly they think Jay Park covered 2PM's songs. 

Whenever older K-pop fans see posts like those, they are surprised that it had already been way over 10 years since he left 2PM. 

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