"I Couldn't Look Him in the Eye!" Han Ga In Says She Is a Huge Fan of BIGBANG G-DRAGON

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 25, 2022

"I Couldn't Look Him in the Eye!" Han Ga In Says She Is a Huge Fan of BIGBANG G-DRAGON
Actress Han Ga In shared that she is a huge fan of G-DRAGON of K-pop boy group BIGBANG. 

On March 24 episode of SBS' television show 'Circle House', Han Ga In shared her fangirling experience. 

While talking about being a fan, Han Ga In revealed that she has a long fangirling history. 

Han Ga In said, "It started with boy groups Sechs Kies and H.O.T. I went to see all their performances. That is only part of what I did as their big fan." 

"They wouldn't know me, but I wanted to look good in front of them. So, I used to change into pretty clothes whenever I went to see them. I didn't want to go with my school uniform.", she continued. 
Han Ga InThe actress resumed, "I was also a fan of professional basketball player Woo Ji-won. I went to see his games often. One day, he talked about me on air. I was really surprised." 

She went on, "He was like, 'There is one very beautiful girl who frequently comes to see my games. I saw her on television the other day. Her name was Hyun-joo.' This was before I made debut." 

Han Ga In's real name is 'Hyun-joo', and she had appeared on a news report as an interviewee once when she was still a student―she was a very lucky fan. 
Han Ga InThen, Han Ga In was asked whether she had ever been her husband actor Yeon Jung Hoon's fan. 

Han Ga In laughed and answered, "Ah, no. He's just someone who I like G-DRAGON with. I love G-DRAGON, and he is his fan too. We went to G-DRAGON's concerts a few times together."

She carried on, "At that time, the organizer offered us VIP seats, but we turned it down. The best way to enjoy concerts is to stand on the floor, you know." 

She continued, "I actually went all the way to Hong Kong to see G-DRAGON as well. I had a chance to see him close then, but I couldn't look him straight in the eye. I felt so shy! I felt like I was walking on cloud nine too." 

As Han Ga In spoke, she blushed and covered her face in shyness, which really showed how greatly she likes G-DRAGON. 
Han Ga In(Credit= SBS Circle House, 'BIGBANG' Facebook) 

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