VIDEO: WJSN BONA Loses Her Pricey Wallet; Everything Inside Returns but the Wallet

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 25, 2022

VIDEO: WJSN BONA Loses Her Pricey Wallet; Everything Inside Returns but the Wallet
BONA of K-pop girl group WJSN shared that everything inside her wallet but the wallet returned to her when she lost it. 

On March 24, fashion magazine ESQUIRE Korea uploaded a video of BONA online. 

In this interview, BONA talked about herself while watching her past videos. 

One of the videos showed BONA talking about getting her own credit card on JTBC's television show 'Knowing Brothers' in January 2020. 

BONA said, "I used my mom's credit card until then, and I mean, I had no problem with that. In fact, I enjoyed using it. But my mom didn't." 

She continued, "She particularly didn't really like me spending money at nail salons. During my promotions as WJSN, I used to get these very fancy ones done and they are expensive at times." 
BONAThen, the production staff asked what she purchased with her first-ever credit card that she got about two years ago. 

BONA answered, "Oh, I actually have a sad story to tell. I bought a wallet for myself with it. It was from a luxury brand. I wanted the wallet to bring me more money for years that I would be using. The wallet was my hope." 

She went on, "But I lost it so quickly. I took the wallet with me pretty much everywhere I went, because I really adored the wallet. When I lost it, I was so sad." 

She added, "The funny thing is though, everything inside the wallet returned to me. They just kept the wallet." 
BONAAfter that, BONA was asked if there was anything she wanted to tell that person who kept her wallet. 

BONA commented, "'Are you using my wallet well? I do half-thank you for returning all the stuff inside it. Thanks to that, I didn't have to reissue any of my cards. Please keep using it well." 

She waved to the person, then burst into laughter afterwards. 

(Credit= 'ESQUIRE Korea' YouTube) 

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