HYBE Unveils the Name of Its Upcoming Girl Group

Mar 28, 2022

HYBE's subsidiary label Source Music announced the name of its new girl group, LESSERAFIM.

On March 27, Source Music opened the official YouTube and social media accounts of LESSERAFIM―the agency's first girl group in seven years since GFRIEND.

The agency also dropped the official logo motion video of LESSERAFIM; revealing the meaning behind the group name.
LESSERAFIMLESSERAFIMAccording to the video, LESSERAFIM is an anagram of 'I'M FEARLESS', a phrase that was featured in Source Music's recent teasers for the upcoming group.

Previously, it was reported that LESSERAFIM will be a 6-member group, including two former members of disbanded project girl group IZ*ONE―Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chae Won.
LESSERAFIMMeanwhile, LESSERAFIM is set to debut some time in May 2022.

(Credit= HYBE/Source Music, 'HYBE LABELS' YouTube)

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