BTS Makes a Surprise 'Appearance' at the Oscars; RM Gives a Shout Out to Will Smith

Mar 28, 2022

K-pop boy group BTS made a surprise appearance during the 94th Academy Awards (the 2022 Oscars) and talked about their all-time favorite Pixar/Disney movies.

On March 27 (local time), the 2022 Oscars took place at Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, the United States.

Although the members were not physically present at the awards ceremony, BTS made a surprise appearance through a pre-recorded segment called 'Favorite Film Musical with BTS'.
BTSWhen JIMIN shouted "Coco!", RM said, "It's a real masterpiece. I watched it three times and cried a lot."

As J-HOPE goes, "Overall, I like Disney movies," JIN explained, "Disney movies stimulate emotion well."
BTSThen J-HOPE named 'Aladdin' as his Disney favorite, and RM gave a shout out to Hollywood actor Will Smith for his role 'Genie' in the film.

RM said, "Shout out to Will Smith, 'Aladdin'!"
Meanwhile, the members of BTS are scheduled to head to the United States later today for their schedules in the country― including their upcoming concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to reports, JUNGKOOK already took his flight to the States, while J-HOPE will hop on the plane immediately after his mandatory 7-day COVID-19 self-quarantine.

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