BIGHIT MUSIC's Male Trainees Spotted Busking in Los Angeles

Mar 29, 2022

Male trainees of K-pop management agency BIGHIT MUSIC, known as 'Trainee A', were spotted in Los Angeles.

On March 28, photos and videos of the male trainees dancing in front of a large crowd were shared online.BIGHIT MUSIC trainees
Filmed at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, the United States, the videos show the six BIGHIT trainees showing off their impressive dancing skills.

Their talents drew hundreds of people visiting the area to them; proving their potential to be the next promising K-pop boy group.
BIGHIT MUSIC traineesBIGHIT MUSIC traineesMeanwhile, BIGHIT MUSIC has revealed the members of the new group and confirmed that the group will consist of seven boys.

The names of the trainees are: Leo, Sangwon, James, Jihoon, JJ, Woochan, and Yorch.
BIGHIT MUSIC traineesUnder the title of 'Trainee A', the seven members have been interacting with their fans through various social media and YouTube.

Although BIGHIT MUSIC has yet to announce the group's debut date, it seems like the group is currently in the final stages of preparation.

(Credit= 'trainee_a' Twitter, Online Community)

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