VIDEO: WJSN BONA Shares What Kim Tae Ri & Nam Joo Hyuk Are like Outside Work

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 30, 2022

VIDEO: WJSN BONA Shares What Kim Tae Ri & Nam Joo Hyuk Are like Outside Work
BONA of K-pop girl group WJSN revealed what actress Kim Tae Ri and actor Nam Joo Hyuk are like outside work. 

On March 29, fashion magazine ELLE KOREA shared a video of BONA online. 

In the video, BONA was seen answering questions using different emojis. 

When asked if she could express BONA of WJSN with an emoji, BONA picked a rabbit emoji, and said, "Fans call me a rabbit." 

But she picked a plain smiley face as herself in real life, and a smiley face with hearts around for her character 'Ko Yoo-rim' in 'Twenty Five Twenty One'. 

She explained, "'Ko Yoo-rim' is a very lovely person, and BONA is... Hmm...", then laughed. 
BONAThen, BONA was asked what 'Na Hee-do' and Kim Tae Ri are like. 

BONA chose an excitedly dancing person for 'Na Hee-do', and a sunglasses smiley face for Kim Tae Ri. 

She commented, "Honestly, there is no single moment that 'Na Hee-do' doesn't move. She's always about somewhere. But I feel like 'Na Hee-do' is pretty much Kim Tae Ri herself." 

She continued after a laugh, "Kim Tae Ri is really fun to be with, that's why I chose this one for Kim Tae Ri."
BONAAfter that, BONA chose emojis for 'Baek Yi-jin' and Nam Joo Hyuk. 

She picked a fox for 'Baek Yi-jin', explaining that a lot of people are referring to his character as a flirtatious fox these days. 

Then she said, "I chose a guy covering his face for Nam Joo Hyuk in real life, because that's how he makes us when we are with him." 

She explained, "He likes to joke around a lot. But most of his jokes are hard to take. 9 out of 10 of them make us sigh and go like this." 

BONA, Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk feature in a currently-popular drama 'Twenty Five Twenty One' together.

(Credit= '엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA' YouTube, Netflix Korea) 

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