"Which Member TWICE Is This?!" Fans Are Confused

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 30, 2022

"Which Member TWICE Is This?!" Fans Are Confused
Fans are giving different answers to who they think this member of K-pop girl group TWICE is in the photo. 

A while ago, one member of TWICE uploaded a photo of herself on the group's official social media account. 

It was a black and white photo of the member outside, where there is a thin layer of snow on the ground. 

She is wearing a coat and scarf, and looking away from the camera. 

As she is covering her face up to her nose with her scarf, only part of her face is shown in the photo. 
TWICEUpon seeing this photo, a lot of fans asked who the member was, because this member reminded them of not just one, but many TWICE members. 

They especially could not tell whether she was TZUYU, DAHYUN, SANA or MINA. 

Surprisingly, their thoughts split into TZUYU, DAHYUN, SANA or MINA almost equally.  
TWICELater on, it was revealed that she was DAHYUN, and fans could not grab their jaws back up from the floor. 

They said things like, "Really? I've been her fan for years, and I couldn't tell that it was her at all!", "I was so sure that she was TZUYU...", "What...?! For real? How did she manage to look like the other members of TWICE there? LOL." and so on. 
TWICE(Credit= JYP Entertainment) 

(SBS Star)