Girls' Generation Taeyeon Responds to Her Recent Dating Rumors with VIVIZ SINB

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 31, 2022

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Responds to Her Recent Dating Rumors with VIVIZ SINB
Taeyeon of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation gave her response to her recent dating rumors with SINB of another girl group VIVIZ. 

Recently, a lot of K-pop fans have been going on about how they kept finding matching items and similarities between Taeyeon and SINB. 

They were spotted using the same phone case, wearing a similar dress and making the same pose for the photo, and making the same gesture when greeting. 
TaeyeonTaeyeonTaeyeonTaeyeon was seen seemingly sharing her thought to SINB's Instagram Story a short while ago as well. 

At that time, SINB wrote over a photo of raindrops, "I hate the rain, but like the sound of it." 

Not long after SINB posted this, Taeyeon also uploaded a similar photo of raindrops on her Instagram Story. 

She wrote, "I know exactly how you feel.", as if she was answering SINB's Instagram Story. 
TaeyeonAfter seeing these, some fans started half-jokingly questioning their relationship. 

Through the group's live broadcast earlier this month, SINB first commented on their dating rumors. 

SINB laughed and said, "I don't have anything to say about dating rumors with Taeyeon. I'm sorry!" 

Then on March 30, one fan asked Taeyeon whether she knew there were rumors going around that her and SINB are dating during an online fan signing event. 

Taeyeon responded, "Ah yes, I do. But I don't really see why I have to give an explanation about that. So, I won't." 
TaeyeonCurrently, Taeyeon and SINB feature in Mnet's survival show 'Queendom 2' together as a host and contestant. 

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