VIDEO: Lee Soo Hyuk Shares How Hard He Tries to Take a Good Selfie

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 31, 2022

VIDEO: Lee Soo Hyuk Shares How Hard He Tries to Take a Good Selfie
Actor Lee Soo Hyuk revealed how much effort he puts into taking a good selfie.

On March 28, Lee Soo Hyuk's agency uploaded a video of the actor online. 

In this video, Lee Soo Hyuk spoke while looking at photos in his phone. 

When asked if he had lots of selfies there, he carefully looked through his photos. 

Lee Soo Hyuk had hundreds of similar style of selfies that are taken on the same day. 

As he scrolled down, there was another set of hundreds of selfies taken on the same day, and more. 

It turned out he often takes lots of selfies to upload one on Instagram for fans. 
Lee Soo HyukLee Soo Hyuk said, "It makes me kind of cringe to make these 'cool' poses and facial expressions for a selfie. So, I tend to take them without doing that." 

He continued, "A lot of my fans think I just take my selfies without making any effort to make myself good, but I do." 

He laughed and added, "To upload like two or three selfies on Instagram, I've got to take like thousands. Look at this!" 
Lee Soo HyukThen, Lee Soo Hyuk asked whether he sorts his photos out into different folders. 

With an awkward smile, Lee Soo Hyuk answered, "No, not at all. It just piles up as times passes by. I'm going through my photos now, and I don't know why I have so many screenshots."

He resumed, "When I see a clothing that I like or an interview of the actors/actresses I like, I just take a screenshot of it as if it's something that I have to." 

He laughingly went on, "But the thing is, I never look at these screenshots again. I don't know why I take that many screenshots, but I do. I think it's become a habit." 

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