VIDEO: NCT DREAM Have Lots of Fun Seeing HAECHAN Struggling to Come Up with 'Pikachu'

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 31, 2022

VIDEO: NCT DREAM Have Lots of Fun Seeing HAECHAN Struggling to Come Up with 'Pikachu'
K-pop boy group NCT DREAM members had much fun seeing their group member HAECHAN struggling to come up with 'Pikachu' during a game. 

Recently, fans have been visiting part of one past video of NCT DREAM. 

It was a video of the members of NCT DREAM playing a game where HAECHAN held a memo up over his head that said 'Pikachu' from Japanese anime Pokémon. 

While he held the memo up, the rest of the members gave him hints and answered his questions until he made the right guess. 
NCT DREAMFirst, HAECHAN asked them, "What job does this person have?", assuming that it was a person with a job. 

The members of NCT DREAM told him, "It's a he, and he is a fighter. The fight is not a bad fight though. He also helps people." 

When HAECHAN asked for a specific job, ZENO laughingly told him, "Well, he's unemployed. Isn't he, guys? It's not like he earns any money by doing what he does." 
NCT DREAMThen, HAECHAN asked what his most famous work is; it seemed like he thought 'Pikachu' was an actor or singer. 

NCT DREAM members answered, "His work is really famous around the world. Almost everybody in this world knows him. But he is known for electricity." 

The more they spoke, HAECHAN became more and more confused. 

HAECHAN summed up all the information he had until then, and said, "Is it Thomas Edison?", making all his fellow members burst into laughter. 
NCT DREAMNCT DREAMWith a confused look, HAECHAN continued, "Where is he from then?", which JAEMIN responded, "He's not from this planet. He's from a ball." 

HAECHAN shook his head hard and said with a loud voice, "I don't know! I don't know! Is he an alien?" 

After that, they let him check the memo over his head, telling him that the game was over. 

As HAECHAN checked the memo, he burst out laughing and could not stop laughing for ages.

JAEMIN added while laughing together, "I told you he was from a ball! He's from the Poké Ball!" 

(Credit= SM Entertainment) 

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