Han Ga In Says She Almost Called Off Her Marriage with Yeon Jung Hoon

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 1, 2022

Han Ga In Says She Almost Called Off Her Marriage with Yeon Jung Hoon
Actress Han Ga In shared that she almost called off her marriage with her husband actor Yeon Jung Hoon a day before their wedding. 

On March 31 episode of SBS' television show 'Circle House', Han Ga In reminisced the time when she was about to marry Yeon Jung Hoon. 

Han Ga In said, "Right before marriage, I became really sensitive. There were lots of things going on in my head, and I think I was just stressed out. I even told my husband that I wasn't going to marry him a day before our wedding." 

She continued, "The day before our wedding, my husband hung out with his good friend from the States, who came all the way to Korea to congratulate him on his marriage." 

She went on, "On that day, I was busy with work. As I was super sensitive and stressed from our upcoming wedding and the workload, I got so angry at him for staying out with that friend until late at night." 
Han Ga InThen, Han Ga In shared that her anger burst out, and she angrily called Yeon Jung Hoon. 

Han Ga In stated, "I called him and said, 'Gather reporters together now. Let's tell them that we're not getting married. I don't want to marry you.' After our call, he came over to see me and begged for forgiveness."
Han Ga InAfter that, Han Ga In was asked whether she recommends getting married when two are in love.

The actress answered, "Well, if I'm born again, I would choose to stay single; I won't get married. I want to live an awesome life by myself." 

Ro Hong Chul commented in a surprised tone of voice, "Really? Your married life is full of happiness, you said. You don't want to get married even after experiencing that?" 

Han Ga In responded, "That's exactly why. Wouldn't I want to experience living alone if I get another chance to live? I mean, I've experienced what it's like to be married in this life."
Han Ga InHan Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon married each other in May 2005, and they have two children―one girl and one boy―together.

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