VIDEO: EXO BAEKHYUN Used His Own Money to Pay for His Staff's Business Class Tickets?

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 4, 2022

VIDEO: EXO BAEKHYUN Used His Own Money to Pay for His Staff's Business Class Tickets?
BAEKHYUN of K-pop boy group EXO's hairstylist Park Nae-ju revealed that the K-pop star once used his own money to pay for his staff's business class tickets. 

Recently, well-known hairstylist Park Nae-ju uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel. 

The video showed the hairstylist talking to other two hairstylists about some celebrities who come to their hair salons to get their hair done. 

While talking together, Park Nae-ju said, "First, BAEKHYUN knows himself very well. He knows what sort of style he wants, and what looks good on him." 

He continued, "He tries out different colors, but he doesn't tend to change the overall design of his hair much." 
BAEKHYUNThen, a footage of Park Nae-ju speaking to BAEKHYUN while doing his hair was shown. 

In this footage, Park Nae-ju said to BAEKHYUN, "Seriously, there is nobody like you who takes care of their staff this well. If one of our staff members is being treated badly somewhere, then..." 

Immediately, BAEKHYUN responded, "Oh, I can't let that happen! That would make me so mad." 

The EXO member added, "After our song 'Growl' made a hit, remember that I told you, 'Be confident and proud of yourself. Keep your head up wherever you go.'" 
BAEKHYUNAfter watching back this footage, Park Nae-ju commented, "Once BAEKHYUN considers you as part of his circle, he would treat you really well." 

He resumed, "When we go abroad, stars would usually fly the business class, and staff would fly the economy class. There was a time when BAEKHYUN bought business class tickets for all his staff." 

He went on, "BAEKHYUN was like, 'Don't worry, I'll pay. Take the business class.' He booked the tickets and all, but the overseas schedule got canceled in the end. So, we didn't get to fly business class." 

With a smile, he added, "But I just thought that was really kind and sweet of him. That thought itself really made my heart warm." 

(Credit= '내주제에 Dare U Naeju' YouTube, SM Entertainment) 

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