VIDEO: BTS V Teaches Korean to Jazz Musician Jon Batiste; They Have Much Fun

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 5, 2022

VIDEO: BTS V Teaches Korean to Jazz Musician Jon Batiste; They Have Much Fun
V of K-pop boy group BTS taught Korean to American Jazz musician Jon Batiste. 

On April 5, Jon Batiste shared a fun video of himself with V on Twitter captioned, "Music, food and good vibes with my guy Kim Taehyung(V's real name)♥" 

In this video, Jon Batiste and V were at a round restaurant table next to each other, V teaching Jon Batiste some Korean.

V said in Korean, "It was a pleasure meeting you. I ate well." and Jon Batiste copied his words. 

Then, they suddenly collapsed in convulsive laughter together. 
Not long later, V uploaded a video on his Instagram of them leaving the restaurant. 

As V left the restaurant, he said to the restaurant manager, "I ate well." in Korean. 

Jon Batiste, who was following him, also said, "I ate well." in Korean. 

Then, he added another sentence in Korean, "It was delicious."

V(@thv)님의 공유 게시물

It seemed like he had learned how to say, "I ate well. It was delicious." from V while they were eating together. 

V laughed seeing him speaking Korean that he taught him, and they exited the restaurant side-by-side. 

Since they showed off such a great chemistry, it may not seem like this was their first time spending time with one another, but it was their first time. 
BTS V and Jon BatisteBTS V and Jon BatisteBack in February, Jon Batiste expressed his wish to collaborate with V. 

Both V and Jon Batiste are currently in Las Vegas, the United States, following their attendance to the GRAMMY Awards on April 4. 

It is assumed that they had gotten in touch, and decided to hang out while they were both in Las Vegas. 

(Credit= 'thv' Instagram, 'JonBatiste' Twitter) 

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