Bentley Hammington Blushes When Asked Whether He Has a Girlfriend

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 6, 2022

Bentley Hammington Blushes When Asked Whether He Has a Girlfriend
Korea-based New Zealander Australian comedian Sam Hammington's second son Bentley Hammington became shy when he was asked whether he has a girlfriend. 

On April 4, Sam Hammington's wife Yu-mi Hammington updated her Instagram with photos of Bentley Hammington. 

In the first photo, Bentley Hammington smiled as he looked at his mother taking a photo of him. 

The next photo showed him covering his face with his hands, as if he was feeling genuinely shy. 
Bentley HammingtonAlong with the photos, Yu-mi Hammington wrote, "Bentley was looking great even though it was early in the morning, which made me want to speak to him more than any other day. We chatted together for ages."

The wife continued, "When I asked him if he has a girlfriend though, he suddenly blushed and hid behind his aunt. His ears turned red as well. Why did he get this shy?" 

She went on, "This is definitely fishy! He's hiding something from me, isn't he? I should sit down and talk to him tonight." 
Bentley HammingtonUsing hashtags, Yu-mi Hammington commented, "Those are good days. But I'm wondering if I should start protecting my drawers already." 

She playfully resumed, "I've heard that if your ring goes missing, it means your son has given it to his girlfriend, so..." 

That night, Yu-mi Hammington uploaded a video of Bentley Hammington singing a song. 

In the caption, she wrote, "I failed to find out whether he has a girlfriend, since our talk didn't go so well. But I was able to end the day with Bentley's cute talent show!" 

The Hammington family gained attention from their apperance in KBS' reality show 'The Return of Superman'.

They featured in the show for over five years from 2016 until earlier this year. 

(Credit= 'yumihammington' Instagram) 

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