VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Creeps Out as He Gets Phone Calls from Sasaengs in His Hotel Room

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 6, 2022

VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Creeps Out as He Gets Phone Calls from Sasaengs in His Hotel Room
JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS creeped out as he continued to receive phone calls from sasaeng (overly-obsessive) fans in his hotel room. 

On April 5, JUNGKOOK went live on NAVER V LIVE titled, "I'm Sleepy". 

As he turned the camera on for the live broadcast, JUNGKOOK said, "I just returned to my hotel room after having dinner with producer Bang and the members. I feel slightly sleepy, but I still wanted to go live for a bit." 

He continued, "I wanted to go live when I was quarantining after I tested positive for COVID-19. But I wasn't able to do that. It's not like I have something to say to you today. I'm here right now, because I just miss you guys, that's all." 
JUNGKOOKWhile excitedly talking about his days in Las Vegas, the United States, a phone suddenly rang in his hotel room―it was not the sound coming from his mobile phone. 

JUNGKOOK walked over to the phone, and picked it up, but it was already after the phone had stopped ringing. 

He sat back down and commented, "Who was that? Did someone call the wrong room?" 

Just then, the phone rang again, and JUNGKOOK went to pick it up once more. 

But it stopped ringing as he tried to pick it up again. 

JUNGKOOK started to feel a little annoyed and assume that they were calls from someone who was watching his live broadcast. 

He looked at the camera and said, "You're watching my live broadcast now, aren't you? Stop messing around. Stop calling me! I don't like the sound of that phone. It sounds kind of creepy. Stop, okay?" 
However, the phone rang, then almost immediately stopped again. 

This time, JUNGKOOK went to get the phone and showed it to the camera. 

JUNGKOOK said, "Seriously, who are you? I feel like I've become the lead of a horror movie or something. The sound is creeping me out so much. Look at this, the screen is broken as well!", then JUNGKOOK showed the broken screen to the camera. 

A few moments later, one of his staff members came to his hotel room and solved the problem for him. 
Currently, BTS is in Las Vegas following their 'GRAMMY Awards' attendance earlier this week. 

The group is scheduled to stay in Las Vegas for some more days for their upcoming concert 'BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LAS VEGAS', which is to take place at Allegiant Stadium on April 8 and 9, and April 15 and 16. 

(Credit= 'BTS' NAVER V LIVE) 

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