WINNER Reveals Which Member Makes the Most Money

Apr 7, 2022

The members of K-pop boy group WINNER revealed the member who makes the most money among them.

On April 6 episode of KBS Joy's 'National Receipt', YOON and JINU made a guest appearance and talked about their spending habits.
WINNERThe show's hosts Kim Sook and Song Eun Yi asked the two WINNER members, "Comedians usually get paid similarly, but certain K-pop stars make a lot more than other singers. Can you tell us who in WINNER makes the most money?"

To this, YOON revealed that MINO makes the most, as he films the most brand endorsements and TV commercials.
WINNERYOON also shared that he thinks he is the second-highest in the group, thanks to his song royalties and solo activities.

JINU said, "I think I'm the last member when it comes to income," and added, "But HOONY buys a lot of things. I think that would make a difference."

He explained that he would have saved the most among the members, as he doesn't go out very much.
WINNERYOON said, "Although MINO may make the most money, he doesn't always volunteer to pay for everyone. I used to pay for our meals in our early days, thanks to all the royalties, and it just kind of stuck that way."

(Credit= YG Entertainment, KBS Joy National Receipt)

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