VIDEO: Tiffany Young Shares Who Talks the Most/Least in Girls' Generation's Group Chat

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 7, 2022

VIDEO: Tiffany Young Shares Who Talks the Most/Least in Girls' Generation's Group Chat
Tiffany Young of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared who the most/least talkative member is in Girls' Generation's group chat. 

On April 6, one fashion magazine uploaded a video of Tiffany Young on their YouTube channel. 

In this video, Tiffany Young answered questions that were asked by fans in advance. 

One fan asked, "What is the topic of conversation in Girls' Generation's group chat these days? Also, who is the most/least talkative member out of all?" 
Tiffany YoungTiffany Young answered, "It was Taeyeon's birthday recently, so our group chat was in a festive mood. Everyone was excited." 

The K-pop star continued, "We usually tend to ask each other questions a lot though. I think we always want to get to know one another better. We ask each other what colors match us well, the sort of flowers that suit us the most, which animal we go well with and stuff like that." 

She laughingly resumed, "We did this online quiz the other day, and I got a hedgehog! But two other members ended up getting a hedgehog as well, so it's all good. I got blue on the color quiz. I was the only one with the kind of depressing color, but Sunny got blue in the end, too. So, I was glad."  
Tiffany YoungAs for the most talkative member in the group chat, Tiffany Young laughed and chose herself.

Tiffany Young said, "I just somehow turned out to be the most talkative one out of us. The thing is, I used to be in charge of giving them weekly briefings." 

She went on, "So, every Monday, I sent them a summary of our weekly meeting, and let them know what we had to do. But I got so tired of doing that every week, so I suggested we rotate doing it every month. I still probably talk the most there though." 

Then, the Girls' Generation member revealed who talks the least in the group chat. 

Tiffany Young commented, "It's got to be Hyoyeon. She only appears when she feels like it, and doesn't when she doesn't. Hey, Hyoyeon, don't turn the notification off for our group chat. We're not that loud!" 

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