"They're from China" Joe Budden Under Fire for Saying He Hates BTS for No Reason

Apr 8, 2022

방탄소년단, 조 버든 (게티)
American hip-hop artist Joe Budden is under fire for the comments he made about K-pop boy group BTS regarding the group's recent performance at the '2022 GRAMMY Awards'.

On the recent episode of his 'The Joe Budden' podcast, Joe Budden talked about how much he dislikes BTS, while misstating that the group is from China.

Although all seven members of BTS are from South Korea, Joe Budden said, "I know they're big, I know it's from China, and I don't want to see it."

When his co-host Parks Vallely corrected him and told him that the group is actually from Korea, he said, "I don't want to see Korea's NSYNC."
조 버든 (게티)During the broadcast, he also said, "You can get mad at me, but I hate BTS. Do I need a reason? I hate them. I don't have to divulge my reason to you. I just hate them."

He continued, "I don't want to hear that s**t, I don't want to see their dance moves, I don't want to see you coming down from the sky in a little umbrella. I don't want to see none of this s**t."

Lastly, the 41-year-old rapper said, "Why do you all think that because a group is big, because an act is big, that you can't hate them?"
BTS (GettyImagesKorea)BTS (GettyImagesKorea)Of course, such comments sparked heavy criticism towards Joe Budden, and fans of BTS hammered him on social media.

Their comments include, "Joe Budden is 41 years old going on 13. You would think that a grown man would have enough sense and maturity to recognize his own blatant xenophobia.", "They are more successful than you will ever be. Continue to be jealous.", "There's nothing wrong with not liking BTS, everyone has different music tastes and all. But the ignorant comments he made were just so unnecessary.", etc.

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