Lee Hyo-ri Tells MAMAMOO It Is Healthy to Fight with Each Other from Time to Time

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 8, 2022

Lee Hyo-ri Tells MAMAMOO It Is Healthy to Fight with Each Other from Time to Time
K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri told girl group MAMAMOO it is okay to fight with each other every once in a while. 

Recently, MAMAMOO's documentary 'MAMAMOO―WHERE ARE WE NOW' was unveiled online. 

In one part of the documentary, MAMAMOO members were seen having some drinks with Lee Hyo-ri. 
Lee Hyo-riWhile having drinks together, Lee Hyo-ri gave the members of MAMAMOO a heartfelt advice. 

Lee Hyor-ri said, "Nobody is always happy, and nobody is always unhappy. There are simply times when you are happier and unhappier in life. That's just how life works." 

She continued, "As our job requires working with people, you should treat people around you well, as if every one of them is important to you. You may find some people not important, but no one is not important." 
Lee Hyo-riThen, Lee Hyo-ri emphasized that it is not the best to maintain their friendship with their fellow members nicely just on the surface. 

Lee Hyo-ri said, "Groups are formed by entertainment companies, and the groups' members consist of boys or girls that the companies picked, right? So, the members may not get along well with one another."

She resumed, "The problem is though, everyone expects you to get along well even though we may not go together well. Don't you feel kind of pressured to look close with each other at all times? That pressure may become key to your stress."  

She added, "If you want to keep hanging out with a particular member, then do it. But if you find each other annoyed, keep a distance for a while. If you want to go completely mad at her, then have a fight. I don't want you to pile up negative feelings in your heart. You should let them out."  
Lee Hyo-riLee Hyo-ri is more active as solo, but she is also the leader of girl group Fin.K.L that made debut in 1998. 


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