"I Love Looking at Her When..." RAIN Says He Still Loves Kim Tae-hee the Same as Before

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 11, 2022

"I Love Looking at Her When..." RAIN Says He Still Loves Kim Tae-hee the Same as Before
Singer RAIN shared that he still loves his wife actress Kim Tae-hee like he used to 10 years ago. 

On April 8 episode of TVING's reality show 'Seoul Check-in', K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri met RAIN at a small bar in Seoul. 

While speaking together, Lee Hyo-ri said, "I don't know why, but I love it when people give me attention, even if that's me on television. You feel the same way, don't you? Don't you find television shows with you in it the most interesting? I only concentrate watching those shows." 

RAIN burst out laughing and said, "I think you have higher self-esteem than I do! But I'm actually like that too. When I watch my drama, I do other things when I'm not in the scenes that are being aired then. It's our nature, it seems. We just enjoy people focusing on us." 

Lee Hyo-ri nodded in agreement and commented, "But fewer people are paying that much attention to me anymore. I feel sad about that." 

RAIN playfully responded, "I have my daughters paying attention to me.", which made Lee Hyo-ri laugh and say, "I guess I have my dogs." 
Seoul Check-inThen, Lee Hyo-ri asked RAIN, "How long has it been since you two have been together now?" 

RAIN answered, "It's been about 10 years, counting those years we were dating before we got married." 

Lee Hyo-ri asked, "Ah, it's about the same as me and Sang Soon. Do you still love her like you used to?" 

RAIN stated, "Yeah, I love looking at her when she eats. She's so cute. I mean, it's also that she's simply beautiful, but when I see both her cheeks filled with food, I can't help but to smile." 

Lee Hyo-ri responded, "It sounds like you are still deeply in love with her. I'm jealous of you. Your daughters are growing well as well. You really have everything in this world." 

RAIN shyly smiled and said, "Yeah, I'm very grateful for that." 
Seoul Check-inAfter that, Lee Hyo-ri shared her worries, "I'm happy with my marriage, but my husband seems more like my mom sometimes. What I meant is, he seems too much like my best friend. I'm not sure if we're the only married couple like this, or everybody else is like this too." 

She continued, "We've tried a lot of things to change that, but nothing worked so well. The weird thing is though, we love being with each other. We don't want to go another day without one another." 

RAIN suggested, "How about trying wearing perfume? Or anything like that. It may be good to create a different mood between you two. That will give you different feelings." 

Lee Hyo-ri said, "Ah, that might be an idea. I haven't worn perfume in like 10 years. You're right. It's not like I can swap us with two other people. We might need that sort of change for sure." 
Seoul Check-in(Credit= TVING Seoul Check-in, 'neighbor.magazine' Instagram) 

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