"A Love Fight or What?" Song Ji-hyo Gets Upset as Kim Jong-kook Does Not Trust Her

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 11, 2022

"A Love Fight or What?" Song Ji-hyo Gets Upset as Kim Jong-kook Does Not Trust Her
Actress Song Ji-hyo became upset as singer Kim Jong-kook did not trust her. 

On April 10 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the members were seen in the kitchen, making instant noodles for themselves. 

Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook, and HAHA were in charge of making instant noodles with spicy soup. 

Kim Jong-kook put the noodles and soup in a pot, and waited next to it to make sure they cooked well. 

As the soup started to boil, Song Ji-hyo came over and added pepper into the soup. 
Running ManWhen Kim Jong-kook saw this, he responded in surprise, "Pepper? Pepper in the soup for these instant noodles?!"

Song Ji-hyo commented, "Yeah, it makes it taste better if you add a little bit." 

But Kim Jong-kook kept raising a question to Song Ji-hyo, "Really? Are you sure about this?"

He even went to ask HAHA, "Does it taste better to add pepper in the soup?", which HAHA said, "Ah yeah, yeah, yeah. It does." 

After HAHA confirmed the fact, Kim Jong-kook finally believed that adding pepper improves the taste of instant noodles. 
Running ManThen, Song Ji-hyo pulled a sulky face and said to Kim Jong-kook, "Why do you trust HAHA's words, but not mine? This is making me really upset." 

Kim Jong-kook broke out in a cold sweat and said, "I was just curious." 

But Song Ji-hyo said to Kim Jong-kook again, "Seriously, it's so upsetting. Why were you like, 'Ah, okay. Cool.' to HAHA, but kept questioning me when I said the same thing?" 
Running ManJi Suk Jin and Yu Jae Seok who were watching their fight(?) started laughing and commented, "Are you two having a love fight or what?", "I feel like I'm watching some sort of dating show." and so on. 

In the end, Kim Jong-kook said to Song Ji-hyo, "Ji-hyo, I had no idea that pepper made the noodles taste better. Thank you for letting me know." 

But since he sounded as if he did not really mean it, Song Ji-hyo continued to stay upset for ages.  
Running Man(Credit= SBS Running Man) 

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