36-year-old Park Min Young Shares Whether She Wants to Get Married Soon

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 11, 2022

36-year-old Park Min Young Shares Whether She Wants to Get Married Soon
Actress Park Min Young revealed whether she wants to get married in the near future. 

Recently, Park Min Young sat down for an interview with the press. 

During the interview, one reporter mentioned her character 'Ha-kyung' in the drama 'Forecasting Love and Weather' being pressured by her family to get married, since "She is past the optimal age to marry someone." 

The reporter asked, "Do you also struggle to choose between marriage/love and work? How would you conclude the issue yourself?" 

Park Min Young answered, "Yeah, that's been my concern since when I was in my 20s. If you look at my past interviews, you'll find me giving different answers to marriage every time." 

She continued, "I was like, 'I want to get married in my 20s', then later on, I was like, 'I want to get married when I turn 30.' and 'I'll get married in my 30s, probably.'", then laughed. 

"I'm really enjoying my work at the moment. I thought I might turn to something else more interesting in life if my work starts to get boring, but it became more fun for me. I'm guessing marriage is still a little far from where I am now.", she added.
Park Min YoungThen, the reporter commented, "So, you are saying that you put work before marriage/love. How do you feel about meeting somebody who is more like that than you?" 

Park Min Young burst into laughter, and answered, "Yeah, I put work before marriage/love. But if I meet somebody who is more like that than me, then when are we going to go on a date?" 

But she firmly stated that she still prefer to date someone who takes work the most importantly, "Even if we only get to meet for like an hour between our work, I still find a guy who takes work seriously and works hard attractive." 
Park Min YoungFollowing that, Park Min Young was asked what she is like when it comes to being in a relationship. 

Park Min Young responded, "I'm clear in what I want and don't. So, I make a clear tie, but if I decide it's not the right kind of relationship, I would just cut it off. I also need some time before I fall in love. I need to know him well enough first." 

She laughingly resumed, "I say this now, but I might fall in love at first sight one day. You never know!" 
Park Min Young(Credit= 'rachel_mypark' Instagram) 

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