"I Lost 9 kg then" Mijoo Shares the Dangerous Side Effects of Her Rapid Weight Loss

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 12, 2022

"I Lost 9 kg then" Mijoo Shares the Dangerous Side Effects of Her Rapid Weight Loss
Mijoo of disbanded K-pop girl group Lovelyz shared the side effects that she experienced after losing her weight rapidly. 

Recently, Mijoo revealed the shocking experience following intense dieting on Mnet's television show 'TMI SHOW'. 

In this episode, Solar of girl group MAMAMOO shared that she had lost about 8kg recently. 

She said, "It was really difficult to lose those 8 kg. I weighed about 41 kg after that. It wasn't an easy journey." 
TMI SHOWMijoo responded, "Didn't you have any side effects afterwards? There was a time in the past when I lost about 9 kg rapidly. I had absolutely zero energy in my body." 

She continued, "I couldn't even take a shower properly. If I straightened my back, I felt like I would just throw up on the spot. I couldn't get my arms up as well. I had no energy to do that." 
TMI SHOWThen, Mijoo demonstrated how she took a shower at that time. 

Mijoo stated, "Normally, people would take a shower standing up like this, right?", while standing up and pretending as if she was shampooing her hair. 

Following that, she sat on the floor, almost curling up her body with her head down, then started moving very slowly. 

Mijoo said, "This was how I took a shower. I honestly couldn't do anything then." 

Seeing Mijoo, Solar nodded and commented, "Ah yes, I know exactly what you mean by that." 
TMI SHOWFollowing the broadcast of this episode, fans expressed concern about K-pop stars going on a crash diet in order to "look better". 

They left comments such as, "Their health should come before their appearance!", "The side effects don't seem like something to take lightly.", "Please don't go on that kind of diet again, girls!" and so on. 

(Credit= Mnet TMI SHOW) 

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