VIDEO: JUNGKOOK Spotted Lending a Hand for JIN at BTS' Las Vegas Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 12, 2022

VIDEO: JUNGKOOK Spotted Lending a Hand for JIN at BTS' Las Vegas Concert
K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK was seen helping out his fellow member JIN at the group's recent concert. 

Back on March 19, BTS' management agency Big Hit Music announced that JIN had injured his left index finger while he was doing his daily activities. 

At the hospital, he was told that he required surgery as the tendons in the finger had been partially damaged―the surgery went well, but he will wear a cast for the time being. 
JINThen on April 8, Big Hit Music once again released a statement saying that JIN will be unable to participate in the concert in full, because he is still recovering his injury. 

As they said, JIN sat on the chair on stage when the other members were all jumping around and performing around him during the concert. 

He grooved, nodded his head, mouthed "wow" and clapped, while watching his fellow members dance, but sang the songs along with them. 
Throughout the concert, the members of BTS kept an eye on their eldest hyung in case he needed any help, and maknae took the greatest care of him. 

When the BTS members were chatting to fans, JIN tried to open a water bottle. 

Since he was wearing a cast, he struggled to open it by himself. 

JUNGKOOK noticed this right away, and quietly took the bottle from him and opened it without saying anything or drawing attention to him. 
There was also a time when JIN whispered into JUNGKOOK's ear for help; he asked if he could help him tie his shoelaces. 

Without hesitation, JUNGKOOK knelt down to tie the shoelaces for him and made sure they were secured. 
These sweet hyung-maknae moments melted the hearts of thousands of fans at the concert. 

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