WINNER YOON·MINO Are Disappointed that HOONY Gives Them Toys on Their Birthday?

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 13, 2022

WINNER YOON·MINO Are Disappointed that HOONY Gives Them Toys on Their Birthday?
YOON and MINO of K-pop boy group WINNER cutely complained about their fellow member HOONY spending little money on their birthday gifts. 

On April 12 episode of SBS' television show 'Four Men', the members of WINNER made a guest appearance. 
WINNERDuring the talk, the WINNER members complained about HOONY's stinginess. 

MINO said, "It's been like eight years since we made debut now. We've celebrated a birthday of one another at least eight times each. It's been long, you know." 

The WINNER's rapper continued, "So, we spend quite a lot of money on each other's birthday gifts now. We would usually buy something that cost over 500,000 won (approximately 410 dollars) as a gift."

He went on, "I've never really thought about it deeply, but now that I think of it, HOONY's never given us a birthday gift that cost over 30,000 won (approximately 24 dollars) until this day." 

YOON nodded fast and commented, "Yeah, that's so true. I mean, I thank him for the gift. It's meaningful to receive something from someone, whatever that is, right?" 

He resumed, "But when I think about it later on, I'm like, 'I gave him that, but he gave me this? There seems to be something wrong here.' If I'm being honest, those thoughts sometimes do come to my mind." 
WINNERAs HOONY just awkwardly laugh without saying anything, MINO looked at him and said, "You could have at least given us something expensive once! You always give us things like Hello Kitty watch, some weird..." 

Then, YOON barged in and added, "Speaking of a watch, my recent birthday gift from HOONY was a Pororo (animated penguin character) watch!" 

"There is a good reason why I gave you a Pororo watch for your birthday though. In fact, all my gifts do.", HOONY laughingly explained. 

He carried on explaining, "I gave you a Pororo watch so that you could stay young at heart at all times, because you've got to keep making young and wild music." 

He continued, "I've actually given a sticker book for children to MINO before as well. He loves to draw, so..." 
WINNERHOONY's explanation made MINO shake his head in disagreement and YOON raise his voice. 

YOON said loudly, "Hey! What does a sticker book have to do with his love for drawing?!" 

HOONY calmly explained again, "Gifts are all about the sincerity. It's more important to spend time and effort into the gifts than spending lots of money on them." 

MINO stated, "Okay, I get it, but only give us those kinds of gifts for 10 straight years?! Seriously? You're unbelievable." 
WINNER(Credit= SBS Four Men) 

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