"I've Grown 3cm in a Year" IVE WONYOUNG Says She Thought About Becoming a Runway Model

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 13, 2022

"I've Grown 3cm in a Year" IVE WONYOUNG Says She Thought About Becoming a Runway Model
WONYOUNG of K-pop girl group IVE shared that she seriously thought about becoming a runway model in the past.

On April 10 episode of KBS' television show 'I Am the Boss', WONYOUNG made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, one of the hosts Choi Eun-ho, who is currently in the fashion business, shared how popular WONYOUNG is in the industry. 

Choi Eun-ho stated, "WONYOUNG must be the no. 1 celebrity that all luxury brands want to invite to their public events." 

He continued, "She is currently a Global Ambassador for one Italian high fashion brand as well. I would love to work with WONYOUNG for a fashion show one day too." 
WONYOUNGWONYOUNGWONYOUNG shyly smiled and responded, "I walked the runway last year. It was such a fun experience for me."

She resumed, "After getting the experience, I thought about becoming a runway model. I gave a very serious thought into it." 

Then, WONYOUNG surprised everybody by saying that she has gotten taller in the last year. 

The K-pop star said, "I was 170cm (5.6ft) until last year, but I'm 173cm (5.7ft) now. I've grown like 3cm." 

WONYOUNG is known for being slim and tall alongside her gorgeous face. 

It was certainly surprising to find out she got taller from her already-tall figure. 
WONYOUNGLast year, WONYOUNG actually explained that she was quite stressed about having long legs though. 

At that time, WONYOUNG said, "I like the fact that I have long legs, but they look too long in photos sometimes, depending on the angle." 

She continued, "Some angles make my legs look very odd, and I don't like that. From time to time, I wish I had shorter legs." 

(Credit= KBS I Am the Boss, 'for_everyoung10' Instagram) 

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